2014 Conference

Research matters for developing countries

The 6th annual Publishers for Development conference had an exciting line-up of presenters who helped publishers explore how participation in access schemes – as well as other developing country initiatives – can make an important contribution to development, and show why research and higher education matter for developing countries.

Our speakers included Rachel McIntosh from DFID, Ylann Schemm from Elsevier, Julie Brittain and Jon Harle from INASP, David Osei from the ACU, Matt Hodgkinson from PLOS, Francina Makondo from the University of Zambia, Patrick Mapulanga from the University of Malawi and Agnes Chikonzo from the University of Zimbabwe.

This one day conference wass collegial in style and open to those involved in information provision, access and uptake. The event enabled attendees to share experiences, learn about what’s happening in other parts of the world and establish new relationships with colleagues. Ultimately it was intended to help encourage a greater understanding about the role of research in development and how we can collectively contribute to this.


This year we asked attendees to consider the following questions:

  • What role do you feel research, with the use of academic journals at its heart, has in international development?
  • What barriers remain to research access (and publication) in developing countries?
  • What are the opportunities you see for research access and publication in developing countries over the next 5 years?
  • What kind of partnerships do you think universities and publishers could make to improve access for researchers?
  • How do you believe this conference and the work of PfD helps address these issues?

We’d also welcome comments and feedback on our key principles for responsible engagement with developing countries. You can read more about why we think these principles are important in our recent post Reconciling business interests and development needs: How can publishers ensure developing countries have access to the research they need?

If you have any questions about the day or would like to contribute your answers to the questions above, please email us at pfd@inasp.info or find us on Twitter (@pubsfordev).

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