Friday 2nd December 2011

Agenda (PDF, 83kb)

Session 1: The Growing knowledge study and resource availability

0930-1000 Welcome, John Kirkland (ACU)
Publishers for Development, Lucy Browse (INASP) [2mb]
Introducing the findings of the Growing knowledge study, Jonathan Harle (ACU) [4mb]
1000-1100 Availability in developing and emerging countries – the changing landscape over the last 10 years. Short overviews from representatives of organisations and movements who have been catalysts for change
Sarah Durrant (ALPSP) [525kb]
Richard Gedeye (R4L) [444kb]
Anne Powell (INASP-PERii) [1.3mb]
Susanna Lob (EIFL) [564kb]
Open Access isn’t the end of the story, it’s just the beginning, Bev Acreman (BioMed Central) [448kb]

Session 2: Reaching researchers — approaches to awareness, skills and use

1400-1415 Reaching researchers in Malawi, Kondwani Wella (Kamuzu College of Nursing, University of Malawi) [374kb]
Increasing access through building searching skills, Siobhan Duvigneau (British Library for Development Studies/Institute of Development Studies)
1230-1300 Change and development at Uganda Martyr’s University: INASP’s Monitoring and Evaluation of E-resource Use (MEERU) programme, Judith Nannozi (Uganda Martyrs University) [472kb]

Session 3: Research, Technology and Connectivity

Session chaired/convened by Alan Jackson (Aptivate)

1400-1500 The Connectivity Challenge: Introducing the issues, Alan Jackson (Aptivate) [1.4mb]
PfD In Action: Cambridge Journals Online – CJOMobile, a low bandwidth solution, Caroline Kerbyson (CUP) [316kb]
Questions from publishers

Session 4: Advocacy matters: Developing relationships and understanding needs

Many of the challenges outlined so far require strong responses from universities themselves – effectively
supported and enabled by access initiatives and publisher partners. Here universities will offer their
responses to some to the findings of Growing knowledge.

1530-1600 An action plan for internal advocacy, Agatha Kabugu (University of Nairobi) [593kb]
1600-1700 Question Time: an opportunity for participants to put questions directly to our panel of presenters: Bev Acreman, Lucy Browse, Sarah Durrant, Richard Gedye, Jonathan Harle, Agatha Kabugu, Susanna Lob, Judith Nannozi, Anne Powell and Kondwani Wella
1700-1900 Close and drinks reception
Summary, Lucy Browse (INASP) [206kb]

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