2010 Conference

Thursday 13th May, 2010, Oxford
The 2010 Publishers for Development (PfD) meeting was held in Oxford this May.

PfD began in 2008 and has been steadily gaining momentum. Publishers have used this forum (both physical and virtual) to strengthen their participation within developing country access initiatives, and make a wider contribution to access issues and the research communication cycle. Currently the focus areas are:

  • supporting and encouraging the development and design of resource interfaces to provide options for low-bandwidth environments
  • co-operating with partners to encourage greater visibility, inclusion and contribution from developing country researchers
  • producing low-resolution promotional materials to raise awareness

PfD is helping to bring the developing country research contexts “to life”. This enables us to explore the diversity of the individual socio-political, environmental and technical situations within developing and emerging countries with our publishing partners. It also underlines the challenges, opportunities and course of action that these present.

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