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How long does your website take to load?

Slow loading times are a major reason why web traffic is cut short. Some pages take so long that users lose patience, lack the time or are unable to access the page at all. Web pages are often larger than they need to be and on low bandwidth connections  – common in developing countries – pages can take over a minute to load or simply time out!

Publishers for Development and Aptivate invite you to take our Bandwidth Challenge. We want you to review your website and see how you can adapt and optimise it for low bandwidth environments.

Why do this? Because it’s not enough to just make information resources available – access to these resources also needs to be improved.

“Improving access makes an enormous difference to the professional lives of individuals; how they work and think, their research impacts and their reputation – and the reputation of their environment. For researchers in developing countries to succeed in research on the global stage, the challenges are many. But creating usable interfaces seems a simple place to start.”

James Lush, Policy Officer, Biochemical Society

This year, we hope the research and publishing community will seize the challenge and take a few steps to improve access to online resources.

How do you do this?

Speed test and review your site to see how you can enable faster access and help prevent frustrating timeouts for researchers – without spending significant time or money

Make changes to your interface to increase researcher usability and “stickability” – you will be amazed at how easily you can make significant changes

If you are developing a mobile interface, plan your design so it is also usable from a browser – and follow the lead of Cambridge University Press

So where do you start?

  1. Test your site in a low bandwidth environment
  2. Check out Aptivate’s best practice web guidelines

Also, look at the case studies, presentations and examples below for more information on how you can make your site more accessible.

Examples and resources

Low bandwidth websites


For further information contact the PfD team –

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