Experiences from Uganda

INASP Principle 1: Understand the Country Context

Since publishing the INASP Principles for Responsible Engagement, many INASP partners have offered perspectives on the principles. Authors will be kept anonymous.

“We in Uganda have had a chance to interact with some of the publishers. Many of them are now gaining experience of working with the consortium approach of licensing their products. They often give us trial periods, which can last for three months, and they come to give us live demonstrations as well. I can say that in Uganda, we have developed good working relationships with some publishers. An example is of a publisher who wants Uganda to have access to clinical databases for nurses and doctors. They are engaging the consortium as much as they are lobbying government to fund this. This is a good sign that they recognize the role of the consortium in this.

Some that we have failed to get along with are those [publishers] who are new in our country. They have no idea of our purchasing power and come up with huge quotations. So they are frustrated and we fail to get along.”

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