INASP and ACU submit evidence for scientific capacity building

The UK Parliament’s Science & Technology Select Committee have recently been conducting an inquiry into the Department for International Development’s support for scientific capacity building in developing countries. Both INASP and the ACU submitted evidence following the inquiry’s announcement last December. The ACU was also invited to give oral evidence to the Committee in February, alongside representatives from a number of UK research and higher education organisations.

At the Committee’s request, the ACU also organized a round table with PhD scholars and research fellows from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. The purpose was to discuss the challenges faced by researchers in their home countries. A key issue addressed by the committee and those giving evidence was access to scientific information. The need to help strengthen universities and research institutes to counter the ‘deinstitutionalisation’ of science was also discussed.

You can see the full set of evidence submitted, as well as video recordings of the oral sessions at the website.

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Programmes Manager (Research Capacity) at the Association of Commonwealth Universities. All views and comments are my own and don't reflect ACU policy.

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