Top tips on optimising web content for the global south

A few years ago we launched the Bandwidth Challenge. We hoped that publishers would take a look at their platforms and see how they might optimise them for users in the South, where internet speeds aren’t as fast, and computing facilities typically shared amongst many more users.

In this blog, Jay Alvarez at Aptivate suggests three things that web editors can do to optimise their content that don’t require considerable investment or technical expertise.

  1. Measure your site
  2. Optimise your images
  3. Reduce your scripts.

INASP is also tackling another piece of the connectivity puzzle through a pilot project working with National Research and Education Networks in 3 countries. The aim here is to enable IT network engineers to improve the management of campus networks – to make them more reliable, and better able to deliver information to users – but building the role and capacity of NRENs as national training hubs for university and research IT engineers.

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Research matters for developing countries

The 2014 Publishers for development conference is now open for registration! The event will take place on 14 August and focus on Research matters for developing countries. This year we will also be bringing in the voices of researchers to our discussions so that we can more actively engage with this crucial stakeholder group in our collective activities.

This one day conference is collegial in style and is open to those involved in information provision, access and uptake. It will enable attendees to share experiences, learn about what’s happening in other parts of the world and establish new relationships with colleagues. Ultimately it will also help encourage a greater understanding about the role of research in development and how we can collectively contribute to this.

Registration is now open, but space is very limited so book early to secure your place!

For more information on the conference and what will be discussed, see the 2014 conference page.

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Scholars are scholars wherever you find them

In the latest INASP blog, Ann Snoyenbos, Manager, International Sales and Special Markets, talks about her experiences of working via INASP to help researchers in developing countries gain access to ProjectMAnn Snoyenbosuse.

When I talk to publishers about Project MUSE’s work with INASP (to provide affordable access to MUSE for libraries in developing countries) the responses almost always fall into one of two categories.  The first agrees that it’s really important to support developing country researchers, while the second is worries that poor management of content will result in bootleg versions circulating on the black market.  A close examination of MUSE usage data across four years suggests that neither of these scenarios is accurate; institutions working with INASP are no different from the other institutions using MUSE.

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