About Publishers for Development

Publishers for Development (PfD) was launched in 2008. Project activities bring together stakeholders from key groups within the global research and publishing community to create common understanding of challenges, needs and priorities.
At the heart of PfD is the belief that sustainable access to research and information takes a central role in driving development across sectors in the global South.
We work with libraries, consortia, higher education and research institutions, and researchers to manage, and negotiate national access to online resources, as well as to make use of it. We work with publishers to provide affordable access to the global South. In PfD we bring these groups together to learn from each other.
Through PfD we hope to secure responsible working practices impacting on higher education and research institutions, libraries and consortia, while helping publishers to develop sustainable markets.

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INASP collaborating for research access
To fight hunger, climate change, disease, inequality and other global challenges, research is vital. Locally generated research is key to solving local development issues and to do vital research work, researchers need access to published research information.
This short video tells how long-term collaboration with over 50 publishers and library consortia in over 20 countries is making a difference to research and to development.

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